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Why Investor Assist?

While it can be easy to purchase and rent out a residential property, finding good value and maximising after-tax returns can be a more involving and complex process. 

Successful property investment requires time, commitment and a sound knowledge of strategy. The ultimate goal is to generate above-average after-tax returns – yet it is clear that not all properties achieve this. It pays to ensure you are maximising the return from your investment – because even a small difference in short term performance can mean a large difference in long-term value. For this reason, getting expert property investment assistance can be valuable.

Investor Assist’s role is to ensure our clients make responsible property investments that represent good financial value. Our service helps investors mitigate risks such as buying above market value, buying a property that results in long-term financial pain, or simply buying something that doesn’t meet financial objectives. In a nutshell, we make property investment easy and take out the worry for you.

What sets Investor Assist apart? 

  • Backing and experience of the ABN Group, one of Australia’s largest and most experienced homebuilders.
  • Access to large range of newly built or planned investment properties specially designed for rental, in a variety carefully selected lucrative locations.
  • Fast turn around times on new properties that are designed and built to standards that are appropriate and desirable amongst tenant markets.
  • Referral relationships (with no commission fees) in place with specialist property financiers (Resolve Finance) that allow for competitive and tailored property finance.
  • No obligation, no fee, fit-for-investor service - we want to share our knowledge and offer true value service so there are no hidden, extra commissions for our customers. 
  • Open, honest and transparent approach.