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Who we help

Our property investment service is for anyone interested in wealth creation by maximising the return of an investment property – from property novices to experienced investors. 

First-time property investors

We work with people of all ages and income levels who are seeking a prudent entry into the property market. Often the first time investor is ready and willing to invest, yet simply cautious about doing it in the way that best maximises investment potential, while safeguarding their existing savings. They may also recognise they do not have the time necessary to seek the best possible investment property. 

Making the right choices in property investment can be a catalyst towards multiple future investments. Investor Assist helps first time investors establish clear objectives so they can make confident and informed decisions. High-income earners in particular may benefit from sound advice to ensure they maximise their after-tax situation. 

Experienced investors expanding a portfolio

Many experienced investors are comfortable following their own investment strategy, however others come to us for assistance with the finer aspects of portfolio creation. Investors with multiple properties need to consider portfolio diversification, efficient finance arrangements and ownership structures that minimise risk while maximising after-tax outcomes. We aim to fill gaps by targeting suburbs and property types that will deliver complementary benefits within a portfolio, and fine-tune finance with the assistance of experts who are experienced at tailoring finance to the needs of property investors. 

“Non-conforming” property investors

There are options available to investors who have not qualified for a loan from a bank for the purposes of an owner-occupier or investment property loan. Investor Assist have referral partners, Resolve Finance and BlueBay, that we can refer clients to (for no commission fee) that may be able to help our clients depending on their circumstances. These experienced finance providers with specialist services in housing finance have a history of providing genuine alternatives to the big banks. These providers are often able to take a more flexible approach to finance than banks, are adept at helping investors make the most of their current situation, government assistance, and valuable debt reduction strategies – all of which can help investors get their foot in the property door. 

Owner-occupiers and downsizers

There is a growing demand amongst the baby boomer generation to invest with an eye to downsizing in the near term. Many of these investors have equity in their home and wish to use it in an intelligent way – and one that doesn’t put their life’s work at risk. 

In the meantime, they want to find a high quality investment property that will meet both their investment and future living needs. In this case, Investor Assist’s relationships within the ABN Group can prove beneficial, providing access to a huge range of housing options. Where the investor is not ready to give up their family home in the short term, specific bridging finance arrangements may be appropriate. 


Pre-retirement investors, whether they own property or not, may be in a unique position to build wealth. There are pre-retirement strategies involving property that can be beneficial to long term outcomes, and take advantage of tax concessions on income during retirement.

Many investors approaching retirement may consider property investment out of reach, and perhaps too risky given their situation. However, it is important to maintain sight of the bigger picture – notably that retirement in itself may be a relatively long-term event, and wealth creation during retirement may therefore be appropriate. 

SMSF trustees – and those that want to invest in property via their SMSF

We can assist existing SMSF trustees with the various aspects of property investment through a SMSF, and can put you in touch with our referral partners Resolve Finance, where finance is required. You should get in touch with your accountant first and assess whether setting up a Self-Managed Super Fund is right for you.