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Customer Testimonials

Read what our valued customers and stakeholders say about Investor Assist

Geraldine and her husband were first time investors and quite a bit nervous about taking the first step into property investment. They are now well on their way to achieve their goals...

“My husband and I were introduced to Simon through a close friend. We had no idea what investing in property would mean for us personally, especially since we are so time poor. We casually booked in an appointment to see Simon; but his knowledge, his welcoming attitude and promise to literally hold our hand along the way won over us. Our new property is nearing completion and everything has happened according to plan, this would have not been possible without Simon’s guidance and consistent professionalism. I would recommend Simon, without a hint of hesitation, to anyone looking into investing in property for the first time”.


Hugh is a first time investor. In fact he’s purchased his first home as an investment! And he’s keen to build a large property portfolio…

Simon has been a pleasure to work with since the process began with Investor Assist. He's provided guidance into locations and investments to provide long term growth potential, and boosted my confidence to take action. I'm looking forward to continue working with Simon to build my portfolio

Hugh Peacock

Rick is building a large property portfolio and is well on the way to reaching his desired goal. He is an ongoing client with Investor Assist…

Without a doubt Simon is the most efficient, knowledgeable and considerate property professional I have worked with. I never take Simon's knowledge and expertise for granted. I enjoy working with Simon because he is honest and friendly. Thank you Simon for all of your work.

Rick Moffitt

is building a large property portfolio and is well on the way to reaching his desired goal. He is an
ongoing client with Investor Assist
Without a doubt Simon is the most efficient, knowledgeable and considerate property professional I have worked with. I
never take Simon’s knowledge and expertise for granted. I enjoy working with Simon because he is honest and friendly.
Thank you Simon for all of your work.

I would just like to say thank you to Troy for sticking by me, your advice and guidance assisted me greatly in creating my Self Managed Super Fund. I have now put away my super in a safe place which so far hasn't been touched or impacted by changes in the share market, which unfortunately some of my friends can't say the same having invested in other ways. There is always an alternative out there, like investing in property, and a lot of people don't know - and need to know.

Mr Tara, Canning Vale

"The Team at Investor Assist were awesome to deal with.  I work away on the mines as a FIFO worker, Andy Kelly, Melissa Armour and Carmel Boath made the building process so much easier for my work lifestyle. Nothing was a problem and they were always willing to accommodate my needs and requirements, and I also received regular updates and photographs of the progress of my new home. The workmanship of my new home was of a very high standard, and the end result was amazing. 

I would highly recommend Investor Assist and I am already in the process of looking to build another investment home with them in the very near future. Thanks again to Andy, Melissa & Carmel you guys are a real asset to your company and I am looking forward to my second build with you soon."

Diana Palermo, Aveley

Tiong is a very busy businessman that has purchased his first investment property through Simon at Investor Assist…                                                    

I’ve always wanted to invest into property but thought that it was too much of a hurdle to manage by myself as I have my own business to run and didn’t want my valuable weekends to be tied up doing investment work. Although like every other investments you must do your own research, be diligent and make sure that you pick the right area with future growth in mind.
This is where Simon has been most helpful. He has steered me in choosing the right block, in the right area and followed it up with putting together a floor plan to fit the block, but most importantly Simon ran through the strategy and figures to make sure that the investment was workable and showed me how for the price of a good dinner a week I can afford an investment property that has the potential of big capital gains in the long run.
Once I’ve decided on the plan and agreed on the build/turnkey price I was handed over to the ABN Group which I must say was very professional from the very first day till handover.
I was so impressed with the whole organization I even decided to commission ABN Realty to manage my property.
I certainly have no regrets and thankful for Simon and the team at ABN Group who have helped venture into my first property investment and taught me how to handle other future investments.


"If anyone is looking at investing or buying property I would highly recommend they contact Lisa Loke for expert advice and guidance."

Service Category: Real Estate Agent / Year first hired: 2011 / Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert."

Alan Richards 

"Lisa Loke is a very hospitable, dedicated and responsible agent.  She has recommended the properties (one home in Atwell and two apartments in Zenith), which I subsequently purchased for investment purposes and they have fetched good rental income. She is also very helpful in recommending good furnishing, designing and renovation companies for my house and apartments.  She has also helped to ensure that the developer's work is well done and in the properties are in good order when I was not there personally to check or supervise.

Lisa is meticulous in her dealings and paperwork, e.g. complete title deeds issued for these properties that I have purchased. I would strongly recommend her to my friends and business partners who wish to purchase any estate or properties in Australia."

Mr Leow

Mr Leow has purchased three properties through Lisa Loke where the transaction has been meticulously handled by Lisa every step of the way. The purchase of the second and third property was made at handover of the property prior, showing that Lisa had a strong grasp on Mr Leow's financial objectives and what properties would best suit his growing investment portfolio.  

Carl was looking at doing his first investment as a small duplex development. We got him into an excellent deal that will give him equity from day one…

Simon presented me with an investment opportunity which has been handled with great efficiency and transparency. Simon worked tirelessly to explain all aspects of the investment process and to ensure that all questions were explained in full, no matter how trivial. We are all seeking professionals to work with who we can trust into the future, and I know who I will be calling on again in the coming months. Thanks Simon.


"Hi Andy, Thank you for all of your help with Aveley. It has been a very positive experience. Yesterday I placed the ad on Gumtree and within 36 minutes I had a text from a young bloke who was so keen to rent the place.  I then got two more texts. Today I got another two emails and 10 minutes ago a phone call from a bloke offering two weeks rent into my account right now and could he beat the young bloke who's coming to meet us tomorrow. So basically, I could have pretty much rented 4-5 Aveley houses within 24 hours. Plus I got $390 a week."

Peter and Claire Tait, Mount Helena

Peter and Claire attended an Investor Assist Seminar and met Property Investment Specialist Andy Kelly on the night. They had an interest in purchasing a house and land package in the Vale Estate, Aveley. Within 1 month, finance had been secured and they are now well on their way to owning their first investment. Their objective is to purchase another 10 properties in Aveley as they see the estate as the perfect place to invest.

Nick and his lovely wife purchased 3 years ago and has just purchased his second recently through a Self-Managed Super Fund. They are well on their way to financial freedom…

I have known Simon for a number of years now on a professional basis in dealings through investor assist. His professionalism in dealing with my portfolio has always been very high, happy to answer any queries and concerns which have arisen throughout the whole process which if he didn’t know the answer too, would do his best to follow up on. I have found Simon always approachable and honest, giving a real world opinion or advice which has always been genuine and forthright. His knowledge in the investment industry I believe is very sound, as all advice I have heeded from Simon has expanded my current portfolio to what it is today. Without his guidance and support I probably would not be in the position I am in today, as taking the first step in investing is always the hardest I believe, mixed with doubts and trepidation, Simon was able to ease that transition through his professional approach. I recall Simon came out to my residence personally on a number of occasions to go through all the details of our first investment, putting both myself and my wife’s minds at ease.

For all these reasons I would not hesitate in recommending Simon to anyone thinking about investing, as his honesty, professionalism, experience and friendly non biased advice have always been second to none.


"Investor Assist had all the information I needed on hand. My Property Investment Specialist worked out the tax depreciation returns based on my wage and then found properties that were affordable to my circumstances. Throughout the process, I had one point of contact to deal with and he was always quick to get back to me. He stayed connected with me when I was away for work so didn’t feel remote to the process. A really big factor is that IA is part of the ABN Group so I feel they know what they are talking about. The amount of companies that are a part of the ABN Group means they can point you in the right direction for the whole process and I didn’t have to find the different services. There’s really nothing to worry about  - they are credible, trustworthy and honest."

Ben Kennedy, Highgate

With an investment property to his name already, Ben attended an Investor Assist seminar having seen an Investor Assist ad in the paper. He realised from that moment that you really should speak to industry experts and seek advice when considering an investment in property. His second investment was a house and land package in Woodvale, purchased through Investor Assist. His goal is to develop a property portfolio that works hard for him in the long term.

Carrie has done some development and some single residential investing with us over the last couple of years and is building her wealth very quickly…

Simon is really a good person from every way. His expertise gave extra value for the investment. During the past two years, he gave us a lot of valuable suggestions which help us build up our property portfolio. We feel very pleased to work with Simon and wish this cooperation can last longer and longer.

Carrie Huang

…I started researching…and it was Investor Assist who actually sat down with us and explained the whole process and how we can get in to the market and also have a plan to build our portfolio….”

Cathy and Ryan (son) Garlett

Cathy and Ryan featured on 6PR Talking Property, explaining how Ryan made his first investment purchase through Investor Assist.