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Superbuild: Off-the-plan property investment through your Self-Managed Super Fund

How can you benefit from an off-the-plan investment through your Self-Managed Super Fund?

Consumer confidence in the housing market is growing, and so is the interest in investing in property via your Self-Managed Super Fund. The proportion of superannuation secured in Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) is considerable as compared to retail and industry super funds and it is a fast growing superannuation sector. According to the APRA Quarterly Superannuation Performance Report for June 2013, total estimated assets including SMSF rose 15.5% over the last 12 months (to $1.62 trillion). In fact, we’ve noticed about 74,000* Google searches conducted annually on terms relating to Self-Managed Super Funds; there’s no denying SMSF’s are hot topic right now.

Introducing Superbuild

Initiated from the interest received in property investment via a Self-Managed Super Fund, Superbuild is an initiative that makes developing your property investment portfolio with off-the-plan homes, via your SMSF easy and cost effective. 

And why through Superbuild?

Amongst other features, when you invest in an off-the-plan home via Superbuild, you’ll benefit most from the cost savings of developing your investment compared to investing in a finished, established home. Recently, off-the-plan investments have been few and far between, but as part of the Alcock Brown-Neaves (ABN) Group - Australia’s leader in construction, property and finance, we’re able to give you more choice in where you would like to invest, in and around Perth. We’re currently offering off-the-plan homes via Superbuild on individual lots in Hammond Park, Baldivis and Landsdale and coming soon is a whole host of city infill locations, ideal for SMSF. 

Start building towards retirement today

Your next steps. If you have a Self-Managed Super Fund already set up and have decided that investing in property is a good option for you, let Investor Assist take you through the next steps of your SMSF property investment journey. Now is the time to start thinking about your financial future and the options available to you when considering investing in property through your Self-Managed Super Fund. Why not register your interest here to ensure you receive first notice of investments suitable for Self-Managed Super Funds and download our information pack for more information.


DISCLAIMER: This information is of a general nature only and does not constitute professional advice. We strongly recommend that you seek your own professional advice in relation to your particular circumstances. For further information on Self-Managed Super Funds contact your accountant. *Source: