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Investor Assist Property

Investment Services and Licensed Real Estate Agency.

Investor Assist Property is overseen by Peter Gianoli, General Manager and Licensee of Investor Assist Property and also Investor Assist, a division of the ABN Group. Investor Assist Property sits alongside Investor Assist in the ABN Group corporate structure and utilises the expert sales, marketing and customer relations skills of the Investor Assist staff and consultants. Investor Assist Property is a licensed real estate agency which can offer the services of marketing and selling property and investment offerings which are developed by the ABN Group and / or in partnership or joint venture with external parties.
Services available to Investor Assist residential property investors:
  •  Suburb reviews, property comparisons and market commentary
  •  Highly competitive management fees and expert property marketing
  •  Regular property inspections plus timely collection and payment of monies
  •  Access to 3,000 qualified maintenance experts and trades
  •  Compliance with all strata and legal matters

Download our property management brochure here | Download our property management fees here

Investor Assist Property services provided to business clients and developers:
  •  Partnership or joint venture development opportunities
  •  Identification and evaluation of new business opportunities
  •  Market research and competitor analysis
  •  Design feedback plus pricing and release strategies
  •  Marketing, sales and leasing

Download the Investor Assist Property brochure here

Investor Assist Property Pty Ltd
131 Hasler Road
Osborne Park WA 6017
Investor Assist Property Pty Ltd Licence number: 73047