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Investment Insiders - Why the market is better than you think

Tuesday, 3 May 2016 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm


Heath Ledger Theatre
176 William Street State Theatre Centre of WA
Perth, WA 6000

Property Experts reveal their insider tips.
  • Predictions for 2016 and beyond | Dale Alcock, Managing Director, ABN Group 
  • How to invest in property and finding hotspots | Peter Gianoli, General Manager, ABN Realty and Investor Assist
  • Having the confidence to invest when others don't | Gavin Hegney, Independent Analyst and Commentator, Hegney Property Group 
  • Clever finance - the insider tips to property finance | Daniel Johnston, Home Loan Specialist, Resolve Finance
Learn from the best.
Join Dale Alcock, Managing Director of ABN Group, and our panels of experts as they share their insights and tips investing and how to find opportunities in any market. From an honest look at the market landscape to finding hotspots, making smarter finance decisions, and the benefits of going against the pack. Get the knowledge you need to create your own wealth and secure your financial future.


Seats are limited so book today for our not to be missed special event! 


About the presenter:

Dale Alcock, Managing Director, ABN Group

Dale commenced his career in the building industry as an apprentice bricklayer. He later joined partners John Webb & Garry Brown-Neaves in 1987 to establish Dale Alcock Homes. Today, as the Managing Director of the ABN Group, Dale has been instrumental in the spectacular, yet controlled, growth of the ABN Group and has grown to be one of the most recognised names and faces in the industry.