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Client since April 2012
  • Recently signed up for his next investment property with Investor Assist
  • FIFO in the mining industry earning a good salary
  • Enjoys a good game of footy, and chilling out with his mates when he's got time off from work
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Ryan's Investment Tips

Save. If you're young and earning a lot of money, don't waste it on stuff like holidays and cars - think ahead a bit and use some of it wisely to give yourself a good head-start for the future.

Get good advice and support. Investor Assist advised throughout the whole process, helping understand what options you have right through the build, and were available every step of the way - which is especially good if you're not around all the time.

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  • Alison
    Client since February 2013

    Married with two children

    Looking for a solid strategy to build retirement income

    Excited to start looking into the next investment with Investor Assist

  • Di
    Client since January 2013

    Fly-In Fly-Out in the Mining Industry

    Looking to invest her savings

    Passionate about travel, entertaining her friends, soaking up the sun at the beach, and interior design

Resources and Guides

As part of our commitment to client property education, Investor Assist publishes a wide range of free investment resources which are all available on this website.

They are unique and valuable tools for new and experienced investors alike so click the links below to browse the available options.