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The term ‘property investment’ can be daunting and may seem like something that is out of reach to the “normal” person. But it’s only daunting if you don’t understand much about it. Investor Assist is here to help you understand what property investment is and can show you how it can be an easy, affordable investment option. We’ll be with you every step of the way – from offering finance options with our in-house finance specialists, to offering the best home design in the best location and right through the building process. And because our homes are turnkey and tenant ready, you can start earning a rental return straight away.

Meet Alison, Ryan and Di. They come from different walks of life and are at different life stages – but they all have something in common. With the help of Investor Assist, they now own an investment property. Take a look at their stories below - you’ll be surprised that they are more like you than you think.

  • Alison
    Client since February 2013

    Married with two children

    Looking for a solid strategy to build retirement income

    Excited to start looking into the next investment with Investor Assist

  • Ryan
    Client since April 2012

    Fly-In Fly-Out in the Mining Industry

    Looking to make a smart investment with a good salary

    Recently signed up for his next investment property with Investor Assist
  • Di
    Client since January 2013

    Fly-In Fly-Out in the Mining Industry

    Looking to invest her savings

    Passionate about travel, entertaining her friends, soaking up the sun at the beach, and interior design

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