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Where to buy an investment property: Trains, Planes and Smarter Property Investment

People often don't know where to buy an investment property. Nearby to a train station is a good start!

History shows that infrastructure developments, such as roads and rail, generate both consistent housing demand and property price rises in adjacent suburbs. The evidence is clear, both in Perth and the eastern states. Thus, this should be a key factor in deciding where to buy investment property.

The WA Government’s infrastructure blueprint highlights planned transit improvements through to 2031 and the most significant short term developments on the Perth radar. In this article we show you how you can take advantage of the anticipated growth in housing demand by choosing the best location for investment property. Download the full article to learn why infrastructure development is great for property investors deciding on the best investment property locations, and how you can take advantage by investing in sought-after Perth suburbs and learn the best place to buy an investment property.

For further information on the best place to buy an investment property, please Contact us to book an appointment with one of our property investment specialist and find out how you can benefit from Perth's infrastructure expansion in Butler and Atwell. 

Still wondering where to buy investment property? View some of our investment properties currently available and choose the best location for investment property.


Andrew Auret

General Manager, ABN Developments
Andrew has over a decade of experience working with some of Australia’s largest developers, including senior roles in Project Management and New Business and identification and delivery of property developments. Within ABN Andrew is focused on the provision of development solutions to assist in the sustained growth of the Group.