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When to buy an investment property: 3 Factors that will Drive Housing Demand in WA for the Next Two Decades for Positive Investment Conditions

The increase in population and families answers the question of when to buy an investment property

When should you invest in WA property? We know all about the impact of the mining boom, but WA’s burgeoning population boom may be even more relevant to property investors wondering when to buy an investment property. Already outstripping the nation for population growth, the WA and Federal Governments are set to speed up the state’s growth by actively recruiting interstate and overseas migrants to meet a growing skills void, and maximise the potential of the mining boom. This is combined with forecasts for a significant housing shortage over the next two decades, so it is clearly time to buy property. Although this news has its obvious concerns, it does provide positive opportunities for property investors, such as sustainable rental demand and increasing rental returns for the next two decades.

These are the three factors we think will impact when to buy an investment property most significantly, providing a positive outlook for investment in housing in WA:

  • Population growth
  • Migration
  • Housing shortages

It is important you stay up to date with these factors if you are deciding when to invest in real estate. For full information on the three factors including all the stats, read our article about increasing housing demand in WA for the next two decades.

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Dale Alcock

Managing Director, ABN Group
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