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What we learnt from Dale Alcock

What strategies lead to Dale Alcock’s success in property investment, and portfolio building?

From Building with Bricks to Portfolio Building

Dale's Property Investment Tips (link to full video)

We recently hosted a seminar at the UWA Club. Dale Alcock focused on his journey from working as an apprentice bricklayer to becoming the Managing Director of the ABN Group. Dales has built a portfolio of 22 businesses with his business partner and joint business owner, Garry Brown-Neaves.

Dale’s Personal Story of Property Investment

We asked Dale to be our guest speaker because he has achieved a great deal of financial security through property investment. His success has not resulted from luck, taking risks or being bullish. Dale’s success emerges from a carefully considered strategy. His strategy is based on discipline, consistency, transparency, caution and confidence.

We feel his story is very beneficial for anyone with an interest in business and property investment. Dale’s approach sets a good example for others.

The seminar drew a big crowd with close to 250 people joining us for a brief reception before taking a seat in the auditorium. There were even a number of people in attendance from Dale’s hometown of Kellerberrin.

Dale’s presentation was an entertaining hour from both a personal and investment perspective. The personal aspects of his presentation resonated with audience members of all ages, and there was plenty of good advice for everyone to take away.

Highlights from Dale Alcock’s Seminar

  1. Some of the learnings from Dale’s presentation:
  2. Enter the property market early
  3. If someone calls you for a drunk conversation at 2am or 5am in the morning, make sure you listen to what they have to say
  4. If you are going to ride 3,500kms around Europe, make sure you have a comfortable bike seat to sit on
  5. If your passion is not aligned with what you are doing -- go and follow your passion
  6. If you are driving down a gravel road in the country in the middle of summer, always make sure you are the car in front (not behind)
  7. Don’t become obsessed with overtaking the car in front
  8. Repeat and grow with the investment that works
  9. Make your move knowing that you’ll never pick the best time to buy or sell investment property
  10. Be conservative with your investment portfolio
  11. Always take the first offer you receive seriously
  12. Always leave something on the table
  13. Don’t second guess your decision or look back once you’ve made it
  14. We are all guilty of ‘shockers’
  15. Beware of exotics
  16. Property investment is more about time in the market than timing
  17. Stick to a simple system when building an investment portfolio – when, where what
  18. Always be aware of the Queenslander spruiking property
  19. You don’t have the luxury of calling the shots when the market goes bad
  20. Always have a buffer
  21. While everyone is zigging -- you are better off zagging

Final Seminar Tip

Oh, and one final piece of advice…. if you are going to buy a block of land on a canal with a jetty, make sure it is not facing south-west!