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Unique Features Of Investor's Collection

Peter Gianoli, General Manager of Investor Assist explains that the most popular designs from the Investor's Collection are derived from popular house designs from other building companies within the Group. When delivering the homes to a turnkey specification with such things as air conditioning, landscaping and window treatments included so they are left with little more to do from the owner and are ready to be leased out by the tenant.  

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Transcript: Dale Alcock and Peter Gianoli discuss the important investment property features of the Investor Assist Collection

Peter Gianoli: Our investor collection has been assembled from our most popular floor plans and designs that the rest of our ABN group have experienced. So our two biggest sellers have actually come from the two most popular sellers of 4,000 to 5,000 homes per year: Celebration's Polaris home and Dale Alcock's Rio home. And we've looked at the designs of those homes that are hotly sought after by owner occupiers, and we've gone and met with the maintenance divisions of both those companies, and we've just toughened those homes up, just marginally to make them a little bit more investor-proof. Examples: we've put tiles in areas where historically owner-occupiers may have put carpet. Obviously from an investor's point of view tiles give you better depreciation, but they're also going to give you less maintenance headaches. So that's one of the major differences.

Probably the second key difference is our interior designs. Once again, the group does 4,000 to 5,000 a year. Clients go to lavish selection centres and they choose selections, but when you actually look at what they select, 80% of clients select 3 interior designs. So we've grabbed those designs and we've put them into our investor homes.

So we're not gonna try and give you a purple splashback or a blue splashback. We're gonna generally give you a chocolate, or a cream, or a beige, and you can be guaranteed that they're interior designs that, ultimately, when you go to sell your property, all people will want to buy. As we like to say to our clients, if you want to add personality to your home buy a picture, or buy a rug. Don't give it a blue splashback.

Dale Alcock: I think the other thing, too, is that all of these homes are taken right through to a turnkey specification. So nothing's left and taken for granted; so someone can move in as a renter into the home knowing that they're fully air conditioned, fully completed, landscaped etcetera, and, as Peter indicated, they're robust as well in terms of their fit the purpose, and they'll go the journey. And I think that's really important in terms of the investor. The investor needs to know that the specification's there, everything's complete, but they're also robust enough, and that's not going to come back and cost me a lot of dollars along the way.

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