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Top Property Investment Hotspots in WA

In case you missed it, we recently released a detailed resource titled ‘What is a property investment hotspot and how to find one’. This resource provides a good background about property investment hotspots and you can read the here.

In summary, a property investment hotspot is an area or suburb that has been identified as having potential for stronger growth (short or long term), compared to the rest of the market. Some of the indicators of a property investment hotspot may include some of the following features:

  • Created or driven by a reputable developer;
  • Part of a well planned community;
  • Views or proximity to the coast;
  • Affordability;
  • Evidence of strong sales growth;
  • Existing or planned infrastructure;
  • Easy access to existing or proposed public transport;
  • A sense of community;
  • Cuture and lifestyle;
  • Evidence of the ‘Halo Effect’ 

But once you are armed with further information about WHAT a property investment hotspot is, the next logical queston is WHERE do you find them in WA?

As mentioned, Investor Assist has already identified a number of property investment hotspots for you. The ABN Group, together with our Investment Specialists, are dedicated to this job 24/7 and are constantly on the look-out for the best lifestyle and investment opportunities across WA. This takes the hassle and the stress out of the process for our investors.

For ease of reference, we divide our property investment hotspots into six key regions throughout WA. They include:

Perth Metropolitan – CBD Fringe

Access to the CBD, public transport, shops, retail, culture, amenity and more will always see fringe suburbs of the Perth CBD perform well as they basically meet all the identifying criteria of a property investment hotspot. Although affordability is often an issue in these areas, there are some suburbs within 5kms of the CBD that still represent excellent value for money, particularly as new investment offerings such as apartments grow in popularity within these long-established areas.

Current property investment hotspots within the CBD Fringe include Mt Lawley and Leederville.

Perth Metropolitan – North West Corridor

The North West Corridor is expected to continue to deliver some of the most affordable coastal housing in the Perth metropolitan area for the next ten years. Future rail extensions will provide easier access to the Perth CBD although they are not likely to be delivered prior to 2025. This corridor is the key area for future land development in Perth and approximately 35% of zoned and undeveloped urban land in Greater Perth is located in the City of Wanneroo. The most significant land holdings are in Alkimos, Eglinton and Yanchep and many of the new estates are characterised by new shops, schools, community facilities and family-friendly communities.

Current property investment hotspots in the North West Corridor include Craigie, Clarkson and Eglinton.

Perth Metropolitan – North East Corridor

This corridor has been dominated by the development of new master-planned communities by some of Australia’s most respected developers resulting in a phase of rapid growth. Existing rail access and the revitalisation of Midland is benefitting the surrounding areas whilst considerable development is expected in Jane Brook and Bullsbrook as a result of the Swan Valley Bypass. Although the popularity of Ellenbrook has dominated this corridor for the past decade, Brabham is now the suburb to watch particularly following the recent announcement of the $20,000 ‘Government Grant’ for eligible buyers in Brabham.

Current property investment hotspots in the North East Corridor include Ellenbrook and Whiteman Edge in Brabham.

Perth Metropolitan – South West Corridor

The suburbs of Baldivis and Wellard make up one of the most significant urban development areas in the Perth metropolitan area with more than ten well-known developers holding land in the region, plus another 700ha of urban zoned land will eventually be available within the City of Cockburn. Although pricing and growth will be affected by the volume of land supply in the area, the heavy investment in rail, shopping and schools continues to drive demand in the area, particularly from young families, first home buyers and investors. This corridor provides some of the most affordable investment opportunities in the Perth metropolitan area.

Current property investment hotspots in the South West Corridor include Brightwood at Baldivis and Living Edge in Wellard.

Perth Metropolitan – South East Corridor

This corridor is probably the lesser known of the four key corridors across the Perth metropolitan area but will definitely exert its dominance in the years to come with an undeveloped land supply that is expected to deliver housing for at least the next 15 years. Similar to the revitalisation of Midland in the North East Corridor, Armadale is expected to undergo a significant transformation which will have a positive impact on development in the region. The Armadale train line extends throughout this corridor and there are plenty of investment opportunities available for a very affordable price.

Current property investment hotspots in the South East Corridor include Hilbert and Piara Waters.

Regional – South West

WA Property investment hotspots aren’t just centred on the Perth metropolitan area and there are suburbs within the Regional South West Corridor that provide exciting long term investment potential, particularly within some of the newer south-west communities such as Millbridge and Dalyellup. The Mandurah byass and the extension of the Forrest Highway has made the south-west much more accessible and the region is attracting the attention of many who are happy to live outside the Perth metropolitan area. Investor Assist has a dedicated office in the South West of WA (centred in Bunbury) and is constantly sourcing opportunities in the area to meet the objectives of investors.

Current property investment hotspots in the South West of WA include Australind, Millbridge and Dalyellup.

Many of these hotspots are featured on our free Property Investment Hotspot Map which provides a quick and easy reference for the suburbs you should be keeping an eye out. You can register your details to receive a free Property Investment Hotspot Map or contact Investor Assist here to find out more about the different investment opportunities we currently have available within each region and location.