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Rental Property Perth: Tougher security standards proposed for rental properties

The rental property Perth offers now has tougher security standards

Tougher security standards set to be introduced next year by the Western Australian State Government will require Perth property rentals to have a minimum of a single deadbolt lock on every front and back door plus locks on all other external doors and windows, making it a priority to seek out the safest rental property Perth has to offer.

Some investment property owners and the Real Estate Institute of WA have criticised the proposed plans which are estimated to cost landlords approximately $1,500 to comply, describing them as excessive and unreasonable measures when building a rental property.

A REIWA spokesperson talked about the changes to Perth property rentals and was quoted as saying ‘the proposals do not appear to be realistic expectations upon owners and exceed the security levels that an average home owner would have.’

The changes will be introduced under the Residential Tenancies Act and regardless of expectations, it is important all investment property owners understand their legal obligations to avoid unexpected additional costs when building a rental property.

Investor Assist State Sales Manager, Chad Toquero, notes security is always an important consideration when building a rental property for tenants, especially families, and it should be carefully considered by property investors.

‘When comparing property investment options it is always important to look at what security measures come with a property and to make sure they comply with the Residential Tenancies Act.

‘Even if a property has excessive security measures in place, security is always favourably considered by tenants so it is generally better to have more security than less, just as long as the place doesn’t look like Fort Knox!’

Reputable builders should be aware of any changes or proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act and introduce the minimum security requirements as a standard when building a rental property.

‘Every home built by Investor Assist meets the proposed security standards including bolt locks on sliding doors, screens and key lock windows', said Investor Assist Operations Manager, Carmel Boath.

‘These measures are all discretely included in the design of the home and manufactured by some of the best suppliers in the industry so they don’t detract from the look and overall appeal of the property.’

To stay up-to-date with any changes to the Residential Tenancies Act and anything else that may impact Perth property rentals, speak to an Investor Assist Property Investment Specialist or review the full Act online.

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