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Q and A: Why did Peter Gianoli decide to join the ABN Group? (Transcript)

Peter Gianoli, General Manager of Investor Assist talks about his decision to join ABN Group based on the service and level of quality delivered to each and every client from the other builders and supporting services under the ABN Group umbrella. 

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Transcript: Peter Gianoli talks about the origins of his association with Investor Assist

55,000 satisfied customers can't be wrong. So, when you're given the opportunity to join an organization that's built 55,000 homes in the residential sector and you're asked if you thought you could, if you like, add services for property investors, it was a pretty unique structure to get involved in, number one. I think number two, the ethics and values of the organisation - been going 35, 40 years. Two gentlemen own the company. I mean, that's really good background to put a very, very efficient and effective property investment service, to help property investors, by and large.

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