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Q and A: Perth property market now compared to the past 10 years (Transcript)

Dale Alcock, Managing Director of the ABN Group and Peter Gianoli, General Manager of Investor Assist talk about property investment given the condition of the property market and in comparison to the market 10 years prior.

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Transcript: Dale Alcock and Peter Gianoli discuss the changes in the Perth property market and how it has influenced investors

Dale: I think the property investment market in Perth is certainly improving. We've been through a few years where it's been a little bit of flat activity, but the great thing in Western Australia is with the mining resource activity. I think that's going to remain for quite some time.

Peter: I think that the other thing that the mining resource has done is really heightened the numbers of fly in/fly out workers, so now we've got lots of people who are considering getting involved in property because they obviously have disposable income. But they're actually signing out, not necessarily wanting to live in them, because for a fair whack of the time I'm up in the Northwest living on my work site. So they are looking at investment properties, and that's really changed a lot of the dynamics of what's available in investment properties.

Dale: And I think we're also seeing far more tailored product for the investor market too. You'd probably go back ten years ago and an investor would come in the market and just buy what's available but I think these days we’re far more savvy about what the investors are actually looking for, low maintenance, well-located, good growth prospect, all of that sort of stuff has been factored in.

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