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Q and A: Challenges facing investors in Perth (Transcript)

Dale Alcock, Managing Director of the ABN Group and Peter Gianoli, General Manager of Investor Assist talk about the factors influencing investment property in Perth.

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Transcript: Peter Gianoli and Dale Alcock discuss the difficulties facing the property investment Perth offers

Peter: It's really interesting if you actually have a look at the numbers and the fundamentals around investment property in Perth, Western Australia. Now is absolutely the sweetest spot and time to get involved in investment, yet people are still reticent. They're reticent for obvious reasons, such as instability politically and federally, now that the election is done and dusted. They're reacting still to the media a hell of a lot more than what people would have normally. And I think that's on all fronts, because media is a 24/7 news cycle now. They need stories, and they need sensationalism, and property markets are hitting the headlines constantly. It's a little like Brad and Angelina. Are they together or are they going to be divorced? The property market's up, the property market's down, if you actually put all the headlines side by side. Fundamentally, though, it's perfect.

Dale: I think, at the moment, a little matter of confidence, confidence is just slightly off. I think if the early adopters or someone who sees the fundamentals being correct gets in and acts now, they're going to have the best run at it. So even though confidence is a little bit waning, we'll get in and do it. If you think the fundamentals are right and it works for you, you'll get the most gain out of it.

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