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Property Investment tax benefits: Are there any before the end of the financial year?

Property investment tax benefits are available to help you with your tax folder

Are there any property investment tax benefits before the end of the financial year?

Yes, absolutely, you can time the purchase to maximise your taxation outcomes and reap the tax benefits investment property has to offer.

By investing before June 30, you can bring forward a host of investment property tax benefits and achieve a short-term cash flow boost to help out with the up-front costs.

Our tips for receiving the tax benefits of investment property are:

  • Know your deductions and claim immediately on a host of property management costs potentially worth thousands of dollars of tax deductible expenses and investment property tax benefits
  • Pre-pay interest on your investment loan to bring forward deductions that you would otherwise have to wait for until next year
  • For the ultimate in property investment tax benefits and efficient property investing at tax time, focus on new properties (either house and land, or a completed spec / display homes) which receive property investment tax benefits such as full depreciation allowance on buildings and fixtures and fittings costs
  • If it’s tax effectiveness you want, then buying with a self-managed super fund may be for you. They are easy to set up and can bring considerable tax-related advantages, not to mention more direct control over your super compared to a traditional retail fund.

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