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Property Investment Strategies

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Why invest in property? Learn the best property investment strategies

I have worked in the property industry for more than fifteen years but I have personally chosen to invest in property for much longer. During my career, I have overseen the sale and settlement of properties worth more than $1bn and I have watched property provide financial security to more individuals than any other type of investment. I have learnt how to invest in real estate and the best ways to invest in property using the best property investment strategies. I am passionate about sharing my experiences and personal investment strategy with others, which is why I joined the ABN Group to head up the Investor Assist business.

This being said, you cannot assume that if you buy an investment property it will automatically provide you with strong returns and capital gains. There are different investment property strategies. The key to a successful investment strategy in property is choosing the right property, in the right location, at the right time.

Investment property strategies require careful research and expert advice but the good thing is, anyone can do it. You don’t need a degree, you are in control of your personal investment strategy and the Perth economic climate provides very favourable conditions to invest in property.

But the main thing that gives me confidence in encouraging our clients to invest in property is the quality of the investment product we can offer. We have the experience and strength of the ABN Group behind us and every home we build has to meet the very highest standards and controls for your investment property strategy.

The Managing Director of the ABN Group, Dale Alcock, together with Garry Brown-Neaves has built the Group from the ground up over the last thirty years and shares my passion for the industry and property investment. This week, Dale has taken the opportunity to outline some of the most commonly recognised reasons why property is one of the most popular and consistent forms of investment. He understands how investment property strategies can work.

To see why Dale is in favour of property ahead of other types of investment opportunities, read the full article here.

If you would like to learn ways to invest in property or if you would like assistance with any aspect of your investment property strategy, the team at Investor Assist is only too happy to help. Please feel free to contact us for an obligation free discussion – it’s what we are here for.

Want to get started on your property investment journey? Download the Assist Kit to get started.