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Property investment seminar: How to get a loan for investment property

We recently invited Daniel Johnston from Resolve Finance to host one of our regular property investment seminars. Resolve Finance is our finance partner and part of the ABN Group, whilst Daniel is one of Resolve’s most experienced credit advisors.

Resolve Finance has helped finance over 23,000 homes loans and in 2014 alone they wrote nearly $1 billion worth of loans and was awarded the 2014 Australian Major Brokerage of the Year. Resolve helps over 200 homebuyers with their property investment loans every month so we jumped at the opportunity to have Daniel host one of our property investment seminars.

Daniel has been in the finance industry for more than 20 years and has a wealth of experience and useful information to share with our investors. Too often investors are so focused on what and where to buy, they don’t focus enough attention on how to get a loan for an investment property. However, the ‘how’ is critical because your borrowing strategy can mean the difference between a modest and an impressive performance from your portfolio.

Thankfully our investors showed us there is a growing appetite for finance education and we were pleased to receive a really positive response as soon as we started promoting Daniel’s seminar. This included strong registrations for the event – it seems there are a number of investors out there who are keen to know the best way to finance their property investment loan.

Daniel’s property investment seminar attracted a full house and he managed to squeeze a great deal of content into just one hour including a personal introduction, a background to Resolve Finance and he outlined the benefits of using a finance broker. Many investors believe they can handle the property investment loan application process themselves but don’t realise how using an experienced broker can be very beneficial and achieve a much better outcome.

Daniel shared some interesting finance secrets, including a number of finance facts the banks don’t tell you. Key points covered in Daniel’s presentation included:

  • How to get a loan for an investment property
  • What is Smart Money?
  • Should you have an offset account?
  • Is it worth shopping around your existing property investment loan to different lenders to get a better deal?
  • Is having Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI) a good or bad thing for your finance?
  • How effective finance can help to build your portfolio sooner; and
  • What is RentProtect?

Daniel’s presentation gave everyone plenty to think about and it was great to see so many people hang around after the property investment seminar to enjoy the complimentary refreshments whilst discussing the topic with other guests and the Investor Assist team.

In fact, Daniel’s seminar proved so popular we are considering inviting him back for a second seminar in the months ahead. If you think you could benefit from attending Daniel’s property investment seminar and would like to register your interest to attend, please subscribe below to ensure you're kept up to date with the latest information and event updates.