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Property Investment in Australia

Property investment in Australia is worth looking into, especially if you live in WA. We at Investor Assist will try and do everything we can to help you navigate the Australian property investment landscape so that you feel confident in your ability to get started.

Property investment in Australia has a number of key benefits. These include:

  • Australian property investment makes more millionaires than any other kind of investment. It is projected that by 2020 there will be 1.9 million millionaires from the Australian property investment.
  • Security is a high priority in Australian property investment. The property investment Australia has on offer is low-risk and the total return on investment should remain relatively constant.
  • Home ownership is declining in Australia, meaning that more and more tenants are going to need rental properties. Receiving high capital growth from investment property in Australia is the norm and this trend should continue with the population on the rise.
  • Investment property in Australia can be insured. Loss of rent and damage by tenants can make you eligible for Landlord’s insurance. This makes the property investment Australia has on offer a more secure investment.
  • There are tax benefits available in Australian property investment that you can’t find easily in other countries. Negative gearing allows people to reduce their annual tax payments if the interest on their loan is greater than the income received from rent.

Property investment in Australia is strong, particularly in Perth and Melbourne. Perth is expanding, with plenty of new train stations and schools making the city viable for Perth property investment. Melbourne is great value for money, especially considering the demand for rental properties.

Would you like to learn more? Contact our team of Perth Property Investment Specialists today or book an appointment for more information.