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Property Investment Advice

The best property investment advice you will ever receive from Investor Assist is that we do not give property investment advice.

Sounds a little crazy, right?

We are one of the biggest, most experienced property investment businesses in WA and our sole purpose is to help investors achieve financial security through property but we don’t give property investment advice.

So what do we do?

We provide you with education, arm you with countless resources, provide you with unlimited access to our highly experienced Property Investment Specialists and offer you some of the best property investment opportunities in WA – so YOU can make an investment decision that is best suited for your own circumstances.

We do not give you investment property advice. We do not tell you how much to invest, where to invest and what to buy. Based on our experience and research, we will show you areas that we have identified as potential property investment ‘hot spots’ that have potential for long term growth.

We will show you house designs that we think are ideally suited to be investment properties and we will demonstrate how we can build them for a very affordable price because we are part of the Alcock Brown Neaves (ABN) Group – one of Australia’s leading construction, property and finance companies.

Plus if you want assistance with finance we can introduce you to our finance partners, Resolve Finance, who are also part of the ABN Group and will discuss your finance options for your next property investment with you.

Finally, if you decide to buy or build a new property investment with us, you will have access to our in-house team of Property Managers who can expertly manage your property investment for you to ensure it achieves the best investment returns.

But the most important aspect of our service is honesty and transparency which underpins everything we do at Investor Assist. We do not give property investment advice and we do not charge a fee for the services we provide. This was highlighted in a recent seminar presented by Dale Alcock where he identified why the Investor Assist business was established and what sets us apart from some of other property investment ‘experts’ in the industry.

We arm you with all the resources and education you need to make an informed decision and then we encourage YOU to go and seek as much property investment advice as you can find. Speak to your accountant, financial planner, business advisor, partner, family and anyone else you speak to in regards to your financial matters to make sure you have conducted your own thorough, independent and unbiased research.

Every investor is different and every investor needs a different property investment strategy. Unfortunately buying an investment property is nothing like buying a piece of clothing – there is never a ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL’ property investment strategy. We can help you devise a strategy but the final decision is yours.

Don’t take our word for it that we offer some of the best property investment opportunities in WA. Seek your own independent investment property advice to make sure any investment decisions you make with Investor Assist are the right ones for you.

We provide the education, resources and the opportunities (as shown in the table below) – and sourcing the property investment advice is up to you.

For further information about Investor Assist and the free property investment services we provide for investors, phone (08) 9200 7200 or email