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Properties for rent: Investor Assist responds to Premier's urge to ease Perth rental pressure

Peter Gianoli talks about the properties for rent Perth has on offer

Investor Assist is responding to the tightening of properties for rent in Perth and has been proactively working in collaboration with the mining and resources sector to provide affordable Perth rental property options for families looking to relocate to Perth to take advantage of the boom.

In an initiative believed to be a WA first, Investor Assist is building properties for rent designed specifically for mining families that are sold to private investors and managed by Investor Assist on behalf of the owner. Investor Assist works in collaboration with placement and recruitment companies representing the resource sector to tenant the homes with families who are relocating to Perth from interstate and overseas who need to rent a home. Investor Assist can provide rental property investment advice to these investors.

The relevant mining and resource companies have each made the commitment to maintain the Perth rental property and gardens whilst the homes are being tenanted by their employees, plus will repaint each home once the property is vacated or as deemed appropriate.

This initiative is a win-win for the private investors who receive assistance with the upkeep of their property for rent, plus it is a positive for the mining and resources sector, as it provides increased numbers of dedicated housing options in Perth rental property.

Peter Gianoli, General Manager Investor Assist, notes the initiative is already gaining momentum with both investors and the major resource companies who have employees looking to rent a home.

“At present we have a situation in WA where the rental market is extremely tight and mining workers moving to Perth are pricing other tenants out of the market, especially low income earners, because they have the means plus the urgency to secure quality accommodation,” said Mr Gianoli.

“Just this week Premier Colin Barnett urged the Housing Industry to respond to the increasing rental pressure and build some accommodation to ease the rental pressure and that is exactly what Investor Assist and the ABN Group is trying to do.

“This initiative has the potential to provide relief to the rental market, it is a convenient solution for the larger mining companies plus it is proving to be a very attractive investment proposition for astute investors.” Investor Assist will be hosting a seminar in the coming months for investors who are keen to find out more information regarding this initiative. This is a great way to get rental property investment advice.

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