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Perth Property Investment Seminars: Why you should attend a property investment seminar

We thought our readers might enjoy an interpretation of an Investor Assist investment property seminar from an attendee's perspective. This person attended the Perth property investment seminar 'Liberating wealth through city infill and sub-dividing' - and it's fair to say the presenter made a positive impression!

Property Investment seminars have been around for a long time but I have always been hesitant to attend. Why? I am not exactly sure but it is probably a combination of a few factors:

1. It might be like a cult. Or worse, a Tupperware party;

2. I always have something more important to do with my time (like watching the grand finale of yet another reality TV program);

3. I am broke (so the only way I would qualify as a property investor is to rob a bank);

4. I will probably get stuck in a boring classroom full of nerds (who really attends these things anyway?);

5. And there has to be a catch. No one gives a free lecture, with free food that doesn’t involve getting you in a headlock, bombarding you with emails and phone stalking you for the next three years (even though you have continually unsubscribed to their emails and placed yourself on the ‘do not call’ register).

To put my theory to the test, on Tuesday night I asked Mum to record MasterChef for me and I went along to an Investor Assist Property Investment Information Event. The property investment seminar’s topic was ‘Liberating wealth through city infill and sub-dividing’ but seeing as a didn’t have a spare 1,000m2 block to subdivide, I figured the most useful thing I would get out of it was an hour of free food and drinks.

The property seminar was held at Investor Assist’s office in the Optima Building in Osborne Park. If you are anything like me (and get lost walking from your kitchen to your lounge room), you will be glad to know it is conveniently located off the freeway. It is clearly signposted with flags everywhere and someone is there to meet you at the entrance as well as the reception desk on the third floor.

Before taking my seat I loaded up with a selection of sandwiches and a juice to keep me occupied for the next hour. I sat in the middle of the room and I was surprised at the cross-section and diversity of people at this investment property seminar. International guests, young couples, business people and thankfully not a nerd or a piece of tupperware in sight. As an added bonus I noticed the presenter was pretty easy on the eye too (so we’ll call him Pierce Brosnan for the sake of this article).

I barely had time to take a bite out of my first sandwich and Pierce was in full swing. Before I knew it, I was engrossed in learning all about sub-dividing opportunities, R-codes, finance considerations, lot sizes, design options, site works, soil conditions and profit margins.

Despite looking like James Bond, Pierce obviously has a GoldenEye when it comes to subdividing property and worked his way through a serious amount of material in the time available (get it?.. GoldenEye…. Pierce Brosnan…. oh never mind). And most interestingly, Pierce was continually referring to real examples of projects he was working on and discussed the challenges and opportunities faced by many of his clients. This made it easier to relate to the topic and much more interesting than simply listening to ‘hypothetical’ examples of ‘pretend’ clients.

Pierce continually welcomed questions throughout the investment property seminar and it was interesting to hear what the different guests had to say. Some people already owned a block and were looking to subdivide, others were simply keen to learn more and I was surprised to find I even had a couple of questions of my own. Thankfully I hadn’t had time to get stuck into my sandwiches because who wants to be the one to talk to Pierce Brosnan when there is lettuce wedged between your teeth?

Probably the most important point raised in the entire property investment seminar was the unique opportunity presented by Investor Assist to help investors with their subdivision and building process completely free of charge. Because they are part of a much larger home building company (the ABN Group), they make their money during the construction process so they don’t need to charge you hidden costs or project management fees like many other companies. I was almost a little disappointed when I heard this because the thought of Pierce Brosnan getting me in a headlock actually wasn’t that bad after all….

By the end of the hour I was almost inspired enough to rob that bank and embark on a new career in subdividing and property development as I could see so much potential and opportunity in what was presented to me. This must be a familiar scenario because Investor Assist was quick to bring the room back down to reality and responsibly point out the potential pitfalls and considerations of property investment. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it.

But I tell you what, after attending the property seminar I can see the benefits of having a business like Investor Assist working through the process with you. They can take the hard work out of it and they are probably as experienced as you can get. I am still not in a position to take on a property subdivision, but I certainly learnt a lot in sixty minutes.

And now that I know what the investment property seminars are all about, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to my family or friends if there was a topic they wanted to know about (and I know my mum is a big fan of Pierce Brosnan). So in summary, here are a few reasons why you SHOULD consider attending a property investment seminar:

1. There is a HUGE range of property investment seminars to choose from and you will probably find something useful, even if the topic doesn’t seem that relevant to you;

2. The Optima Building is easy to find (with or without a GPS);

3. It’s free;

4. There is a tasty selection of food and drinks to get stuck into;

5. People of all ages and property experience attend (so you will feel comfortable attending with your boyfriend, best mate or mum);

6. The presenter is pretty easy on the eye* (so probably best not to attend with your boyfriend, best mate or mum);

7. You get a free take-home pack of information to browse at your leisure (in case you forgot to pay attention because you spent the entire property seminar checking out the presenter or eating all the free food);

8. You still have time to get home before MasterChef starts;

9. They won’t get you in a headlock at the end of the property investment seminar but you will receive a lovely follow-up email the day after you attend the event (but there is no obligation on your part at all);

10. To further your knowledge after the property seminar, you can browse the wide range of resources and information available on the Investor Assist website.

*May vary depending on which session you attend.

To find out more about the Investor Assist Information Event Series and to view the list of upcoming Perth seminars, visit or contact Investor Assist by calling (08) 9200 7200 or email