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Perth Investment Property - Hotspots To Buy

At Investor Assist we are regularly highlighting the potential advantages of investing in one of Perth’s investment property hot spots. These ‘hot spots’ are great places to buy property because they are generally suburbs that are yet to reach their full potential and present strong opportunities for future capital growth. This growth is usually over the longer term but in certain circumstances can be experienced over a period as short as twelve months after you buy property.

Investment property hot spots don’t always have a specific list of criteria but are often characterised by some of the following traits:

  • Close to the CBD or within easy reach via public transport;
  • Strong transport links including freeways, rail and/or bus;
  • In close proximity to appealing surrounds such as the beach, river or parklands;
  • Strong (or planned) amenity including shops, sporting facilities and schools;
  • A significant volume of building and construction activity;
  • Strong annual population growth;
  • A well planned estate with attractive streetscapes and parklands;
  • A high quality of housing and diversity of housing choices to choose from when you buy property;
  • Good educational facilities including primary and high schools, or in some instances a university;
  • A reputable developer responsible for the delivery of the estate when you buy property.

A recent Housing Industry Association (HIA) report released this month. It has attempted to find the best place for property investment by showing the hottest housing markets are concentrated in the ACT, Victoria and Western Australia with WA having three suburbs in the Top 10 and four in total in the Top 20 National Building and Population Hot Spots.

Do you think you can guess which four WA suburbs made it into the Top 20 and what was Perth’s best place for property investment?

Our state’s fastest growing areas include:

Ranking in the top 20 Suburb Building approved 12/13 ($'000) Annual population growth rate %
6 Forrestdale - Harrisdale - Piara Waters 183,297 19.1
8 Baldivis 250,228 15.8
10 Yanchep 179,913 14.8
15 Ellenbrook 200,993 9.3

As you can see, Piara Waters is Perth’s best place to buy an investment property. Not only did Piara Waters rank 6th on the HIA Hot Spot list but it also performed extremely well on the ‘Top performing suburbs in Western Australia’ list on popular real estate and investment website,

Three bedroom homes in Piara Waters ranked third on the list of top performing suburbs showing a 19% growth over five years and a median price of $489,000 whilst four bedroom homes in Piara Waters took out the second position showing 19.3% growth over five years at a median price of $562,000, making it an excellent area to buy property.

We are not in the habit of blowing our own trumpet but we would like to point out that Investor Assist has been offering investment opportunities in the investment property hot spots of Piara Waters, Baldivis and Ellenbrook for the past three years and our clients can attest to the benefits of investing in these areas. Plus, it is good to see our recommendations are reinforced by findings from one of Australia’s key industry bodies.

These results are an important validation for many of our investors who have purchased or built an investment property in one of the top performing suburbs but it is important to remember there are still plenty of other investment property hot spots to consider when you buy property that may not have made the list but still present strong growth potential.

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