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Perth Interior Design: Feng Shui and You

Perth Interior Design tips gained from Adelina Pang

I have just finished having a one on one interview with Singapore’s renowned home interior design Feng Shui specialist Adelina Pang to get some home design ideas. Choosing a location to meet a Feng Shui master is a daunting prospect considering Perth interior design but fortunately for me the Hotel Naumi came through with flying colours even down to the iron water feature located just in the right spot in the foyer. (Who’d have figured!)

I first met Adelina at a Property conference and was taken by her user friendly approach to the somewhat esoteric topic of house interior design. Over the years many of my property clients have asked for “cures” to certain Feng Shui flaws and although I have been sympathetic to them I can’t in all honesty say that I totally understood their home interior design needs. Investor Assist is happy to announce that we have decided to work with Adelina next year in increasing not only our own house interior design Feng Shui property knowledge but that too of our clients. Adelina will be touring Perth in February of next year and will be conducting Perth interior design workshops for our clients, Real Estate Agents and the general public so that they can gain some home design ideas.

In preparation for her visit I had the opportunity to conduct an interview, here are some snippets;

Peter: Do we have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work?

Adelina: Feng Shui is not a superstitious practice. Feng Shui is a metaphysical science which revolves around an understanding of qi, the universal life force that is in everything we see be it people, plants, animals and even planets. When we use Feng Shui we are harnessing the qi in the living environment for the well being of the individual.

Peter: Can Feng Shui change your destiny?

Adelina: Feng Shui is neither a miracle cure nor a quick fix. What Feng Shui does is give the individual the tools to make an informed decision, whether in good times or in bad. Think of it as listening to a weather forecast before going on a journey – whatever happens you’ll be prepared.

Peter: To make an existing home balanced in a Feng Shui sense, will it require major renovation work?

Adelina: Feng Shui rarely involves major physical work to your home or office space for that matter. An authentic Feng Shui master will recommend the most affordable and most practical way to manage the qi of your home.

Peter: What will be the focus of your Perth presentations.

Adelina: February is a great time to review your living and working spaces to see whether they are in sync with the qi of the New Year. My aim is to educate your clients as to how they can conduct an audit of their own homes and by considering some classic Feng Shui techniques, develop a living space that harnesses qi.

Want to learn more? Contact our team of Perth Property Investment Specialists today or book an appointment for more information.