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Myth: Waiting until you're ready to invest is good advice

One of the biggest dangers to creating wealth through property is misinformation!

And one of the biggest problems is people are not getting advice from successful investors.

You owe it to yourself to have the facts which is why I wanted to bust this myth today

MYTH: Waiting until you’re ready is good advice

FACT: Every day you sit on the sidelines you’re going to watch prices and rents rise steadily. Right now the market has moved down a little, and you should jump in to get one (or more) of the bargains out there.

Odds are in 12 months you’ll kick yourself when you see how much capital growth you let go. Now, I’m not saying to invest if it puts you in financial peril. Not at all. But if you’re financially ready then you should seriously consider jumping in. Waiting won’t make you money. And it's not until they speak to someone who knows how investing works they realise they could have started earlier and created their own fortune.

Let me ask you: What advice would you give yourself if you could travel back in time 10 years?

Most people would give their younger selves the winning lotto numbers.

You’d be better advising your younger self to buy property in good locations.

Because 10 years ago the median Perth price was $413,000. Now it’s $540,000!

Waiting might make us feel safe in our comfort zone, but nobody achieved anything great without pushing themselves. The only thing people get by staying within their limits is an “average” life.

Without any ego, I can call myself a successful investor. I’ve personally closed over $1 billion in real estate deals in my career, and own a portfolio that means I could walk away from my company and travel the world any time I want. (Luckily enough I get to enjoy life and create my vision here at Investor Assist).

And I’ve personally helped create countless property millionaires here in WA and across Australia.

One of the biggest reasons why I wanted to dispel some of these common myths is that I want you to be able to make sensible decisions based on solid information, not myths and fear-mongering so that you too can be in the same enviable position as myself.

Be sure to keep an eye out for my next myth-busting blog for those fearing they will never secure a tenant for their investment property. I'm going to give you all the facts about the rental market to help put your mind at ease.

Until then, check out this great article that my team and I prepared. It talks about the most common myths we hear on a daily basis and it presents all the facts that dispels these fears.

If you have any questions around property investing or you'd like to begin some preliminary discussions around how we can help you get started on your wealth creation goals, my team of Property Investment specialists would only be to happy to speak with you. You can contact us here or you can call Investor Assist on (08) 9200 7200.