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Property Investors Just Like You - Meet Di

The term ‘property investment’ can be daunting and may seem like something that is out of reach to the “normal” person. But it’s only daunting if you don’t understand much about it. Investor Assist is here to help you understand what property investment is and can show you how it can be an easy, affordable investment option. Meet Dianne - with the help of Investor Assist, she now owns an investment property.

Transcript: Dianne's Property Investment Story

We are FIFO -- so you know I had money saved. I thought it was time for me to invest in a bit of property. I did a look on the Internet, and I did find the investor’s website. I’d seen one of their sales guys, Andy. It was pretty much a walk in, walk out deal.

They gave me different options of how the house would suit my block of land -- utilizing every bit of the land I had to make a beautiful home.

They were sending photos of the progress of the home. If I couldn’t meet an inspection they would come and do it in my place.

Then they would keep me up to date with what needed to be done. They went out of their way to help me, and to pretty much suit my lifestyle.

Everybody advised me, “Don’t build Di, because it will be the most stressful part of -- building house.” And, I’d do it again because they made it the most-easiest build I could ever imagine.

Getting the keys to my house was absolutely amazing. It was the best feeling to be able to achieve -- this beautiful home. Yeah, it was really great.”

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