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Investors Just Like You - Meet Alison (Transcript)

The term ‘property investment’ can be daunting and may seem like something that is out of reach to the “normal” person. But it’s only daunting if you don’t understand much about it. Investor Assist is here to help you understand what property investment is and can show you how it can be an easy, affordable investment option. Meet Alison - with the help of Investor Assist, she now owns an investment property.

Transcript: Alison's Property Investment Story

We're just a family of two children, husband, and wife. And my husband, he works as a contractor, didn't have any super, so we wanted to look at investing in our future. I think people, especially in the first year of investing, have so much of an outlay that they found that they couldn't sustain it or that they found that it was a real struggle. So I worried about that struggle, but I wanted to research it myself. The e-book, I saw an ad for it. I think because it was presented in a straightforward form, I could read it easily. It gave me the answers to all the questions that you could think of, and it wasn't trying to sell me something. It was just providing me with information that I needed to make an informed decision.

We spoke with Simon, who came out and saw us in our house. He came at a time that suited us, which was an after hours time, and he was open and friendly. So we had a good chat with him. I was enthusiastic and excited. We built once before and I found that really stressful. I didn't like the experience. But through Investor Assist, we decided that because we didn't have the emotional attachment to what went into the house, it was practical decisions. And it was what was needed to make a good investment property.

Investor Assist's strengths have just been in making it easy for us, in keeping it simple, in making it not scary. The plans for the future are, once we get this place finished and we have tenants and we're happy with the way that that's all going I'm really looking forward to doing a second one. Now it's just, I think it's going to be a matter of making sure I can afford it and looking to where the new one can be. I've really enjoyed the experience, and I feel good knowing that I'm building wealth for our future. And it is a long-term plan for us.

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