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Investment Property Plan: Three Elements of Property Investment

When buying or building a property there are always plenty of things to consider in your investment property plan. You need to know where you want to build, find a reputable builder, choose a good house design, manage the real estate investing business plan and stick to your budget. What many people don’t realise is that a property plan can be very different for investors, compared to owner occupiers.

Dale Alcock has been in the property business since 1987 and recognises the importance of these differences in the investment property plan. Although the ABN Group is one of the largest home builders in Australia with six different building companies and additional support services in WA alone, none of the businesses were geared to specifically work with investors and help with their real estate investing business plan. That is why the ABN Group made the decision to establish Investor Assist – to provide specialist property investment services for people keen to achieve the best possible results from their investment property plan.

Investor Assist and our team of experts can help you plan property investment and are trained to deal with every aspect of the investment process including education, information, research, financial planning, design, construction and property management. For first time buyers or experienced investors, there is always more to learn about the investment journey and we encourage our clients to arm themselves with as much knowledge as possible before they plan property investment.

Dale recently took the time to comment on the differences in the building process and investment property plan for owner occupiers and investors whilst focusing on the three keys elements of property investment – financial planning, land and build.

I strongly encourage you to take a moment to read Dale’s full article and learn more about developing an investment property plan here: The Three Elements of Property Investment

Dale’s article raises some important points and asks some pertinent questions, but it only just scratches the surface of the work that goes into developing real estate investing business plan. Property investment should not be a difficult or onerous process with a complicated property plan, but is should be carefully considered.

If Dale’s article raises new questions for you or if you would like assistance with any aspect of your property investment plan, the team at Investor Assist is only too happy to help. Please feel free to contact us for an obligation free discussion – it’s what we are here for.