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Investment Property Consultants: Supplier of the month - Gray Communications


Rebecca Grey is a part of our team of investment property consultants

Meet Bec Gray – We love her and these are the reasons why!

At Investor Assist we not only draw upon the knowledge and expertise of the entire ABN Group, but we also rely on a core group of external investment property consultants who are effectively an extension of the Investor Assist team. Their services are invaluable and from time to time we would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge an investment property consultant and the service they provide. To get the ball rolling, we would like to start by extending a big thanks to Rebecca Gray from Gray Communications who provides media and communications support to the Investor Assist team, allowing us to keep a clear line of communication between property investment consultants and clients.

Rebecca has been working with Investor Assist property investment consultants from day one and has provided editing services for the eBook, plenty of content for the website and looks after all our PR and media requirements, keeping our investment property consultants relevant and up to date on the web. Rebecca has worked in the property industry for over ten years and has worked with Peter Gianoli across various projects for more than 15 years (which is a mighty long time spent listening to Peter sing the Collingwood song!).

If you want to find out more about the services available from Gray Communications, particularly if you are a property investment consultant, visit Gray Communications or join the Facebook page. Alternatively, feel free to drop Rebecca a line at

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