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Interior Design - Choosing Right For Your Investment

A bedroom with lovely house interior design

Did you know that Investor Assist offers an entire range of houses specifically for investors, with house interior design that suits the market? 

The range is called the Investor’s Collection and each house has been meticulously created with home design ideas to suit the needs of both investors and tenants. The homes are made from durable, hard wearing materials to keep maintenance costs to a minimum for investors, plus the homes are designed to have a flexible, modern interior design to appeal to as many potential tenants as possible.

So how have we achieved these amazing Perth interior designs?

Investor Assist has worked with all the home builders, designers and suppliers across the entire ABN Group to identify the most popular floor plans, elevations, features, interior design tips and colour schemes to offer to the investment market. Chris, is one of our leading Investor Assist designers.  Before joining Investor Assist, Chrisworked for APG Homes for 18 months and prior to that he spent six years with another leading Perth home builder he has a pretty good idea about leading trends with homebuyers and modern interior design.

Investor Assist  have used this research and expert knowledge to create a range of three exterior and nine interior colour schemes for you to choose from. These have been compiled by Chris and the rest of our interior design Perth team to perfectly complement your home and to provide a modern interior design and appealing environment for your tenants. Each scheme is unlikely to date too quickly and having the home design ideas pre-selected for you will save you hours and hours of time!

Our range of home design ideas plus interior and exterior colour schemes can be ‘mix-n-matched’ providing you with hundreds of different combinations to choose from. Alternatively, the client liaison team is more than happy to sit down with you and talk through your home design ideas and provide interior design tips if you have something more personalised in mind.

The Investor’s Collection provides an easy and exciting option for investors in WA and we are delighted to have a number of the homes currently under construction across the state.

To learn more about the Investor’s Collection and house interior design, contact an Investor Assist Property Investment Specialist to discuss what options are available to you, or book an appointment for more information.