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How investment properties work: Should you buy an older or newer investment property?

Dale Alcock explains how investment properties work

Have you ever been stuck trying to make a decision, only to have someone tell you to write a list of all the positives and negatives side by side so you can weigh up which option is better?

Well, this week the Managing Director of the ABN Group, Dale Alcock, did just that in an attempt to figure out how to get investment property. He didn’t go to the extent of writing the lists out on a whiteboard but he did take the time to help investors answer the ever-popular question – should I invest in an established home or new property? He also looks at whether new or established home investments are the better investment when working out how investment properties work.

The ABN Group are in the business of homebuilding so of course when it comes to telling you how to get an investment property, we are going to be in favour of buying or building a brand new home for an investment over buying an established home, but Dale provides some pretty strong rationale to support his position, highlight key aspects of how investment properties work. In fact, he actually raises a number of considerations regarding why you should invest in new properties which most people may not think about including the depreciation Australia offers investors, maintenance, energy efficiency, resale value and more.

To see why Dale is in favour of buying or building a brand new investment property rather than buying an established home, read the full article here. It certainly provides some useful insights if you are trying to decide how to get investment property.

And if you are considering buying an investment property and have been looking to invest in a new or established home, it would pay to give Investor Assist a call to run through a few different scenarios of how investment properties work. You might be surprised to find out what properties actually offer the better returns on your investment and which ones provide the best depreciation Australia offers.

If Dale’s article raises new questions for you or if you would like assistance with any aspect of the property investment process including new or established home investments or learning how investment properties work, the team at Investor Assist is only too happy to help. Please feel free to contact us for an obligation free discussion – it’s what we are here for.

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