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Home Design - Choosing Right For Your Property

Getting the right home design is a must for an investment property

Functionality vs Design....

When choosing a home design for your investment property, it’s important to keep your tenants in mind and favour functionality and practicality above all else. While it’s lovely to have a property that has all the bells and whistles in its home design, if it’s not functional you will struggle to secure good quality, long term tenants. So when looking for home design ideas, think colour schemes, size of bedrooms, floor plans and types of floor coverings.

You also need to determine who your target market is - what sort of tenants are you hoping to attract, and what interior design ideas work with this group of people?

View the article 'Choosing the right design for your investment property' and ensure you consider all the home design ideas enclosed. Don't forget we have the 'Investor's Collection' range of home designs created by us, with investor's front of mind.

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