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eBook - Financial Security Through Property (Transcript)

We've recently released the book - Financial Security Through Property collaboratively written by eight of Australia's most experienced property experts from Australia's leaders in property, construction and finance - the ABN Group.

Transcript: Peter Gianoli introduces Investor Assist's new eBook about financial security through property investment

Financial Security Through Property is the name of the book that Dale Alcock, Gary Brown-Neaves, myself, and the rest of the advisory panel put together for potential property investors. We wrote the book because we're passionate about wanting to provide education and information to potential property investors. The book is a warts-and-all approach to property investment. It tells you what you should watch out for, it tells you what you should benefit by, and it tells you who you should reach out to for assistance and help. We've produced the book in two formats: an e-book format, so it can be downloaded from a website, or a hard copy format, which you can get from any of our property investment specialists. We hope you enjoy the information in the book. We always look forward to your critique and feedback. We hope you use the book, Fincancial Security Through Property, as a workbook to help you on your property investment journey.

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