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Buying a house: An interview with Dale Alcock

Dale Alcock discusses buying a house for investment

A frank discussion on leadership and accountability

“I really admire anyone who is able to be both a community leader and a business leader in the social environment over many years because it is a marathon, it’s not a sprint.” - Dale Alcock, Managing Director, ABN Group 

Buying a house, either to live in or for investment purposes, is one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your lifetime and you want to make sure you are getting tips for buying an investment property from reputable organisations and responsible individuals, especially if you are new to the industry or have little experience in buying property in Australia.

Dale Alcock started in the property industry as an apprentice bricklayer and over the last 30+ years has built the Group to include more than twenty businesses, which employ over 1400 people, 3000 independent contractors and more apprentices than any other builder in Australia, as well as helping clients in buying a house. He has many tips for buying an investment property.

Dale is one of the most respected leaders in the industry of buying property in Australia and recently had a frank and open discussion with James Lush who is a presenter of the 720 ABC Saturday Breakfast Program in Perth about leadership and the importance of accountability in business.

Dale’s responses show why the ABN Group has consistently grown and out-performed the competition over the past thirty years and is one of the most awarded leaders in the residential building market when it comes to buying a house.

“I want to leave our industry in a better place than when I found it, or when I entered it.” - Dale Alcock, Managing Director, ABN Group

Dale has learnt ‘on the job’ throughout his career resulting in an exponential learning curve and in this interview with James he shares how he has navigated his way through his career, his approach to leading a large group of people and the importance of strong customer service and always achieving win-win outcomes in buying a house. 

This ten minute interview with Dale Alcock and James Lush is definitely worth viewing. View it here. 

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