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Ask Peter - Your property investment strategy: Where to Invest

Aveley Fountain, a great place to invest for your property investment strategy

I am trying to figure out where to buy an investment property in Perth but all the new suburbs I am interested in are already outside of my price range. Do you have any suggestions for developing my property investment strategy?

You are taking the right approach in your property investment strategy by looking for new areas which are already proving popular with buyers but still have potential for further capital growth. But you are right, often the most popular estates are the most expensive so I often encourage our clients to carry out the following exercise when figuring out where to buy an investment property.
Identify where to buy an investment property by listing your top five areas and make sure they are close to existing or planned infrastructure, or established amenities such as a train station, public transport, schools, retail or community facilities. Now, examine the neighbouring suburbs to the north, south, east and west of your top five estates and do your research, a key part of any property investment strategy.
Often the peripheral suburbs still enjoy the same benefits but are priced much more competitively because they are positioned on the ‘other’ side of the freeway, an extra five minutes from the train station or slightly further from the CBD. The differences may be marginal but it could end up saving you tens of thousands of dollars in your long term property investment strategy.
Our Property Investment Specialists are constantly scouting for the best investment opportunities throughout WA so if you have a budget and an area in mind, they will be more than happy to assist you to narrow down the options, completely free of charge. There are plenty of exciting areas throughout Perth that are ripe for investors so now is the time to put your property investment strategy in motion.
If you need any extra hints and suggestions on where to buy an investment property, contact our team of Property Investment Specialists, they are happy to help, or download our Assist Kit to help get you started.