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Ask Peter - Choosing a house design for an investment property

My husband and I are looking to build an investment property but we don’t know what size house to build, what design and how many bedrooms in order to maximise our returns. Is there any advice you can offer?

Before you start exploring house designs, I always encourage investors to carefully consider the area you are building in to identify your target tenants. Do you want to attract singles, couples, professionals or a family? Are you in a suburban area close to schools or are you building in an inner-city or regional area? These considerations will greatly vary your house design and finishes.
If you do not have a clear target market in mind, you should select a flexible house design to appeal to a broad range of potential tenants. Ensure there are always two bathrooms (preferably apart from each other) and consider designs with adaptable rooms, such as a third or fourth bedroom which can easily be transformed into a home office.
Interiors are also just as important as design. Choose low maintenance finishes and highly durable materials to minimise wear and tear. I also recommend a neutral yet contemporary interior colour scheme which won’t date easily and will appeal to all tastes and demographics.
If you need help, Investor Assist has a range of homes, ‘The Investor’s Collection’, which are designed specifically with investors and tenants in mind. One of our Property Investment Specialists will be more than happy to talk through your options with you to ensure you are building the right home for your chosen location. 
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