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Real Estate Western Australia: Directions 2031 - Future Plans for Perth

The Barnett Government released its planning vision for Western Australia real estate and the Peel just recently, named Directions 2031, a document drafting their commitment to improve the ‘network city’. It provides a framework to guide the detailed planning and delivery of housing, infrastructure and services necessary to accommodate the rise in population numbers in Western Australia.

The core vision of the document is to create a world-class liveable city in Perth and the Peel by 2031; green, vibrant, more compact and accessible with a unique sense of place.

The document hopes to replace all current Western Australia real estate plans so the people of the state can solely focus on one collective objective. It provides direction on:

  • How we provide for a growing population whilst ensuring that we live within available land, water and energy resources;
  • Where development should be focused and what patterns of land use and transport will best support this development pattern;
  • What areas we need to protect so that we retain high quality natural environments and resources; and
  • What infrastructure we need to support our growth.

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