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Perth's Public Transport Blueprint to 2031

Good cities need effective public transport. It plays a vital role in creating competitive economies, and liveable, inclusive communities. It also has a role in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and our carbon footprint.

Over the past ten years public transport usage in Perth has increased by 67%, three times the rate of population growth over the same period. These are generally made during the peak period to and from the central city area.

The current network strongly supports the central city area. However, there are major differences in the quality of services, with limited quality mass transit services for the central northern sector of the Perth metropolitan area and between major centres outside of the central area.

Developing a mass transit system for the level and quality of public transport services to continue to improve, there will need to be real improvements in reliability, speed of travel, service frequency, safety and security, and ease of use. Read full article.


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