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ABN Group Launches Investor Assist

In 2011, the ABN Group made the decision to extend its offerings by providing a service dedicated entirely to property investors and launched the ‘Investor Assist’ business in Western Australia and Victoria. Investor Assist helps clients achieve ‘Financial Security Through Property’ and is a free service which provides the right education, resources, property investment strategy, plus management and service solutions.


Investor Assist is made up of a sizeable and experienced team skilled in all aspects of property investment who will work with each client to identify the most appropriate investment opportunities to build a diverse and prosperous property investment portfolio for the future.

About the ABN Group

The ABN Group is Australia’s leading construction, property and finance company, having constructed more than 62,000 homes in total since it was established in 1978 and builds more than 3,000 homes each year in Western Australia and Victoria. 

The Group has established itself as an industry heavyweight and is the name behind some of the industry’s most successful home building companies including Homebuyers Centre, Dale Alcock Homes, Celebration Homes, APG Homes, plus a number of supporting businesses across the finance and construction sectors.