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Our Process

Our clients typically follow this process: 

  • Introduction: Initial introduction and information gathering at a free Investor Assist property investment seminar or webinar.
  • Consultation: Individual, no-obligation appointment with a Property Investment Specialist. At this point, we define client needs, objectives and financial situation. We are not financial advisors, although where property investment advice is appropriate we will recommend a client seek it, and can make recommendations as required. 
  • Education: Our process involves an education component to ensure clients make informed and objective decisions. This may include anything from an introduction to aspects of property investment (such as negative gearing), to the finer points of property investment portfolio development. We also publish regular Property Investment Articles and other resources to complement information presented at our property investment seminars and appointments. 
  • Property search and presentation: Based on client needs, we identify one or more options from our range of investment properties that we believe will help the client achieve their objectives. Decisions are based on a thorough understanding of our client’s situation, clearly defined long-term property investment strategy and sound principles. Where we believe property may not be appropriate as an investment, we are up-front, and may present alternative strategies to help a client invest in property at a point in the future. 
  • Property Investment strategy and finance: Through our specialist property financiers, Resolve Finance, we source competitive and tailored packages and, where appropriate, assist with other approaches to maximise after-tax returns such as varying ownership structures. 

Our service is transparent, and is undertaken on a no-obligation, no fee, no hidden commissions basis. We aim to match solutions to your personal objectives, but if we can’t find something that fits with your personal situation, we’ll tell you.